Comprehensive relief through all-round support

In addition to classic services such as finance and payroll accounting and the compiling of annual statements, we also offer our clients comprehensive consultation services relating to international tax law, conducted in part by multilingual employees. Furthermore, we also take over responsibilities in areas that require special expertise, such as wages in the construction industry with the management of savings accounts and accounting for seasonal and short-term work.

All forms of accounting, whether it is payroll accounting, asset accounting or financial accounting, provide important key figures and analyses which enable our clients to keep an overview of their finances and obtain a sound basis for carrying out planning and decision making. This is a big advantage that also proves its worth during negotiations with banks, suppliers and purchasers.

Our clients profit particularly from our "Companies online" (Unternehmen online) service, which we offer in cooperation with DATEV e.G. It allows for the flexible and safe exchange of data for financial and payroll accounting — simply and easily — with a PC, Mac, tablet or smartphone. "Companies online" saves time, prevents mistakes and delivers business and personnel management analyses which help with the targeted management of a company.

DATEV Companies online direct access

Via our online software partner DATEV, you can access your individual data and analyses easily and securely.

For your access to DATEV Companies online, we will provide you with the required DATEV mIDentity or the DATEV SmartCard. This is available directly through us.