Collaborations and memberships

Stuttgart Chamber of Tax Consultants (KdöR)
The trade association for tax consultants, tax agents and tax consultancy firms in northern and southern Württemberg.

Datev e.G.
Datev e.G. develops and provides high-quality software solutions and IT services for tax consultants, certified accountants, attorneys and companies.

The organization helps and advises members from all industry sectors and branches on debt collection procedures.

German Federal Association of Certified Accountants
The association represents the interests of certified accountants and accountancy firms. Furthermore, it also attends to the continuing education of its members.

Association of Tax Consultancy and Accounting Professions in Baden-Württemberg
The state association supports its members as a representative of their interests and in addition, it offers a comprehensive range of further education and services.

Chamber of Certified Accountants
The Chamber of Certified Accountants monitors certified accountants practicing their trade.

German Association of Attorneys, Notary Publics, and Tax Consultants for Inheritance and Family Law
The association is dedicated to the many legal problems concerning inheritance and family law, including associated tax issues. Hence, members are able to draw on their particularly high level of expertise during consultations concerning such matters.

Knowledge is sharing expertise.
Professional tax consultations sometimes lead to legal issues that go far beyond tax law. Our consultants and employees are constantly expanding their horizons with further education courses. However sometimes, there are still situations where a second professional and independent opinion is required. In order to be able to answer tax-related questions and the related legal issues in special cases concerning succession, inheritance, sale of companies, marriage or divorce, we work together closely with specialist and renowned law firms. Upon request, we will include our partners in your consultations.